SVN 005 – Rendered Environment – Adam Juraszek

Adam Juraszek (born 1989) is a musician from London, currently based in the Netherlands where he is studying at the Institute of Sonology in the Hague. Under his performing alias ‘BZGRL’ he has produced various tracks and remixes that are available on tape. He has performed across Europe both as a solo act and as part of the Stoka Ensemble, an explosive mix of afrobeat, funky and experimental electronics.

His research and musical practice involve exploring the intersections of musique concrete, noise music and underground club music by using eclectic sound sources (sometimes abstract and synthesized, sometimes field recordings, sometimes ‘found-sounds’ or radio broadcasts scraped or appropriated from the internet) and self-built software. Adam’s only musical instrument is his laptop, running a Linux distribution optimized for audio editing and production, and all of his sets and recordings are made exclusively through the SuperCollider software.

The themes he tries to address include a sceptical attitude towards technology, dystopian aesthetics, the waning of affect in contemporary music and culture and the juxtaposition or collision of different contextual codes and rhythmic signatures. He is currently working on these subjects for his Master’s thesis, and traces of them are scattered throughout the whole Rendered Environment EP: the astonishing number of samples used in this record reflect the multi-faceted, complex, contradictory experience of technology we live in our contemporary culture.

Rendered Environment contains three extracts from a live concert in Studio Loos in the Hague, one from a live concert at Splendor in Amsterdam and one studio interpretation of other material from the concert in Studio Loos.

Limited Edition CD – Laser cut artwork on wood within a vacuum-sealed package.



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