SVN 008 – Moea – System Morgue & Birtawil

Moea is the collaboration between the french artist Birtawil and the russian musician System Morgue.

Birtawil is a new project from Bordeaux started early 2015. The idea behind it was just to play with sound without boundaries nor directions, the complete opposite of the artist background, coming from more classical bands in hardcore, post-hardcore and black metal scene. Even though he was using multiple guitar effects to create new textures and ambiances for his very first band, he discover ambient and drone music very late, and realize it was a path he could take all by himself. After a few demo recordings, and a first album released in august 2015, he virtually met with System Morgue on a well known music sharing website and decided to record a split album together.

System Morgue is one-man project from Moscow started in 2008. His consequent discography (23 releases, several tapes and CDs) allowed him to explore multiple universe. The music varies from pure harsh noise on earlier albums, to dark ambient and drone in the later works. His profuse activity leads him to create a netlabel, Noyade Records. Since 2014 System Morgue performed on some festivals of ambient music in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The idea behind Moea was abstract. They agreed on a general theme about the upcoming winter characteristics and they tried to draw them into a coherent 3-tracks-recording, one track from each artist and a collaborative track. Keywords here were “cold”, “wind”, “snow”, “ice”. They started by writing the collaborative track, in order to open the path. System Morgue used his cold and ethereal guitar sounds to build up a tension all along the track, while Birtawil mainly used analog synthesizers to make the skeleton. This result is a long and cold track, retelling the building of a storm.
The other tracks are more personal works from each artist. They both tried to picture the landscape and the feelings before the storm comes.

Artwork by Ilaria Turchetti


                                                                     System Morgue                      Birtawil

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