SVN010 – Société Minérale – Acid Fountain

Richard Francés is a French composer/musician born in Alicante in 1981 and now based in Paris.

His project Acid Fountain seeks to bring together abstract and representational art, improvisation and composition, experimental and dance musics.

“The concept of a “mineral society” comes from the book “Vers la sobriété heureuse” (Towards a happy sobriety) by Pierre Rabhi, as opposed to the idea of a “vegetal society”. A mineral society is the one we live in, where we are destroying ecosystems in order to extract the oil we need for our mobile phones, computers, cars, food and nearly everything else we own.
I am trying to live in a more ecological and ethical way, by growing my own food and using my music to spread a message and make sense of things that surround me.”

Artwork by Rixt de Boer

Rixt de Boer is a multidisciplinary dutch artist, her production includes photos, videos, drawings and installations. She investigates the border between the 2 and 3 dimensional through different point of views and the way we relate to the landscape, often by highlighting the cultural and symbolic value of objects or matters from our everyday surroundings. The main core of her work is how these elements play a role within the collective memory. With a conceptual approach Rixt work relates to themes as history, traditions and habits.

For “Société Minéral” Rixt focused on a collection of stones that was given to her mother by a friend. His father throughout his life had collected the stones but when he passed away, his son did not know what to do with the collection. Therefore he decided to give them away to someone he thought would appreciate this great variety of stones and minerals from all over the world. De Boer made rubbings on paper of 30 different stones, turning them into 2-dimensional surfaces, one drawing for each cassette. This transformation symbolizes the loss of the value of the stones after the one thing keeping them together disappeared.

releases February 22, 2017






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