SVN011 – Hypogeum – Amelia Devoid

‘Devoid’ actually is Amelia’s real name. She sees this as a sign of a mysterious ancestral connection to the Native American tribes hunted into hiding in Vermont’s history, forced to change their identity to survive. In her mind, the words of ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’ by Umberto Eco and ‘The Amber Spyglass’ by Philip Pullman created a compulsion to communicate with metaphysical “dust” through computer music programs.

Classically trained in the choral tradition, Devoid was introduced to musical programming by her father, whose early passing in 2004 catalysed her interest in production.

Hypogeum was composed and recorded at the New City Galerie, during an artist’s residency. It is an album dedicated to the Water Protectors. As such, the main inspiration were underground culture and tribal resistance. Devoid’s musical performances originated in the artist basements of Burlington, Vermont (ever wondered where Sen. Bernie Sanders started from?), that were secret safe spaces for free thinkers. The human timeline is strewn with subterranean enclaves and temples, where people gathered for protection in times of great war and natural disaster, or simply to pray. Amelia recognizes that many people that gather underground are beings that have also explored the deep inner spaces of their mind. Hypogeum, then, stems from an experience of this kind. It explores the “within, within” (in Amelia’s words, “a point of existence that bridges dimensions, allowing imagination to travel between worlds”), through the transmutation of her own voice, and of samples of sound from her daily life. These elements become songs with hypnotic drum rhythms and arpeggiations, that bounce off digital “walls” instead of stone walls: her computer becomes a hypogeum for contemplating meaning.c


Thank you to Joseph Pensak and New City Galerie for the generous artist’s residency, where this album was composed and recorded. Love to Vincent Marksohn, Grace Weaver, Abigail Connolly and Dale Donaldson.

Hypogeum is dedicated to the Water Protectors. Mni Wiconi.

Mastered by Francesco Ameglio

Released March 30, 2017




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