SVN012 – Cream – JESSOP&CO.

JESSOP&CO. is a mysterious and reclusive duo from Calcutta, India. They have a penchant for upper-case statements, as a look at their Facebook profile will steadily prove; and this could be a perfect way of describing their aesthetics. They depict a bleak, raw, living space, where all things, repulsive things and beautiful things, sit next to each other.

Cream, their latest record, is made of two lengthy tracks. From a strictly musical point of view, ‘Dead Hair’ might remind of Eraserhead’s soundtrack, reinvented. The atmosphere is filled with anxiety. And yet, as in some nightmares in which we’re irresistibly attracted by a morbid curiosity, the listener is compelled to keep going through this unique soundscape. Even if there is no longing for redemption, or ascension. ‘Flower Hung’, however, gives the listener what Lynch never gave to Eraserhead’s viewers: solace. It’s a kind of solace that’s not coming from another world. It’s still the same bleak, hopeless space of ‘Dead Hair’. But, as we all know, solace comes from accepting our anxieties. By painting them less black.

In the Indian duo’s words, “this album is about relapsing and then trying to find faith in the subsequent despair. ​Cream ​symbolizes this particularly confusing period in our lives where our collective boredom turns us into bandwidth addicts, where we fail to realize and grasp this simulation that we have created as the most imperfect coping mechanism.​” And still, the duo still shows some positive attitude. “Let’s hope that this mechanism works out for the best. The two pieces provides an insight in the meandering and slow build up of angst and cynicism and trying to negate the subsequent nihilism though aural cleansing.​”
From a practical point of view, “the creative process consisted of borderline destruction and manhandling of certain objects and found samples. The goal was that of replicating an analogue approach and then fermenting everything with a helpful dosage of artistic paranoia. Giovanni Lami, finally, provided us with a wonderful collection of samples and recordings which helped to stitch this experience together. ”

Released May 19, 2017








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