SVN017 – Maison – Andrea Bruera

Maison is the recording of a concert held by Andrea Bruera, one of SØVN founders, in Marseille, France at the very beginning of 2018.

Andrea Bruera’s ‘Lost, Found’ was the first release by SØVN Records, 3 years ago. During these 3 years, the Italian musician has been playing live at a constant pace, taking with him his laptop and his electric mandola. These two instruments have been his own movable home: the only things which could never be left behind when relocating from one place to another. From Barcelona to Turin, to Marseille, then back to the Italian Alps, but this time on the eastern side.

And around this movable home, for each of these shifts, Andrea’s past and present music were intertwining in the most surprising ways. ‘Maison’ captures this unpredictable run of a single red thread, which connects moments far away in time (Ausfahrt) with points far away in space (Warszawa Zachodnia), which sails across seas to reach unexplored, exotic coasts (So We Ain’t Alone Anymore) only after having stolen golden treasures along the way (Stolen Music For Lute).

All of this, just to find oneself at home anywhere.

‘Maison’ is a celebration of the third anniversary of SØVN.

Original artwork photo: Angelica Vanni

Released May 10, 2018





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