SVN018 – Incandenza – Guybrush

Incandenza is the second ep by Guybrush, one of the SØVN founders. After published That is not what I meant at all in 2015 he has immersed himself in a deep long journey, living between Paris and Montreal and touring around Europe alongside Andrea Bruera.

This ep isn’t something to consider as a whole but rather a multitude of point of views: “I image myself as a composer and a listener walking on a corridor with a lot of windows. Each window overlooks on a different landscape with its own peculiar objects. You’ll never know exactly what’s out there, they’re just glimpses of uncertainty”.
Incandenza is the outcome of a fragmented travel where things don’t have to be necessarily related, it’s a collage of different genres and hasty composing decisions.

Tha packaging for this release has been designed and crafted by the forward-looking designer and artist Le Kutsch (already involved for the MYMK’s concrete box). It’s a foam square that has been cut to obtain 27 boxes with irregular shapes. Each of it contains the cassette and a booklet. Once all the tapes will be gone some parts of the initial square will remain, like a sort of footprint left by the time.

Incandenza is an homage to Hal and James O. Incandenza and to all the people at the Enfield Tennis Academy.

released September 26, 2018

Composed and mixed by Guybrush in Montreal and Paris.
Packaging designed and conceived by Le Kutsch







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