Newborn label/collective. It revolves around music, but is keen on all art forms. Forward-looking, at the intersection between ambient, noise, drone, post-whatever. Home is whole Earth.


– We aim to be an avant-garde label. We want to publish earnest, reckless, independent music, experimental in character. The genres that best define our interests are: ambient, drone, electronica, electro-acoustic, techno.

– Although the three founders are all Italian, we want to keep a trans-national attitude. We are not a local label. Our cultural home is Europe, and, as regards a physical home, well, we don’t have any. We are, and will be, scattered throughout Europe: now it’s Madrid, Milan, Trento.

– We don’t want to be a ‘net-label’, a label that’s active only on the internet. We want to be firmly grounded in the outside world. In order to do so, first we create a dedicated product for each one of our EPs/LPs. Then we distribute it to records shops, or by means of the internet, which of course allows us to reach otherwise unreachable listeners. Another thing we believe in as a way of being in the outside world are of course concerts and showcases. The aim is both to present the label’s musicians and the label itself.

– We are a DIY label. That’s where we come from, and we think that’s the best way to publish the music we love, the way we want to. We firmly believe that being a DIY label doesn’t mean not being a professional-level label: it just means being free, and being 100% responsible for our own successes, as well as for our own mistakes.

– For every Ep/Lp, we create unique, dedicated and not standardized physical goods, in strict collaboration with the musician. This leads us to experiment different ways of promoting our label and to merchandise music, with no a priori limits.

– We are open and curious towards every other artistic form that’s not music. We are looking forward to producing something else than music, such as performances, artistic installations, videos, visual arts objects, and so on.


If you are interested in buying our music you can simply click here.

We encourage artistic submission of every kind, from music to graphic works, or anything you think might just tickle our fancy. We look forward to listening and seeing your projects. It may take some time but we try to reply to all our submitters.

In case, just drop a mail here: sovnrecords@gmail.com


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